3D Man with megaphone spreading Ruston Paving news

SUNY IT – Marcy, New York

SUNY IT (Soil Stabilization) Ruston Paving was contracted by SUNY IT to construct a new parking lot that would serve as an overflow area for the athletic fields and field house. During the subbase placement phase, torrential rains saturated the work site. After discussing and pricing various construction options, it was determined that soil stabilization with Portland cement would be the most efficient and cost-effective method. The panoramic picture above shows the process, namely, the Stoltz cement spreader, Wirtgen reclaimer (mixing the cement and existing  subbase), sheepsfoot roller compacting the material, grader and smooth-drum roller. Because of the strength of the cement-stabilized subbase, we were able to eliminate a 2 1/2" layer of asphalt base.  The area will be paved with a layer of asphalt binder and an asphalt top course.
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