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Learn About Ruston Paving’s Plans for Asphalt Recycling for the Future

Commercial and industrial asphalt recycling generates byproducts with every job. As a leader in commercial and industrial asphalt paving, Ruston Paving is looking to implement new practices and procedures for our asphalt recycling efforts.

The environment and our community are important to keep in good condition for companies, families, and children. We look forward to making this world better every day for them. Our company utilizes different processes during a paving project to recycle materials and asphalt as much as possible. Contact Ruston Paving to learn more about how we will reduce waste through new asphalt recycling initiatives and methods.

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    Full Depth Reclamation

    Recycle, modify and strengthen the asphalt pavement and underlying base that currently exists on your site.

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    Soil Stabilization

    Modify and improve the engineering properties of the soil that currently exists on your site.

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    Asphalt Milling

    Remove, recycle and replace the top layers of asphalt that currently exist on your site.

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