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Asphalt Paving Services and Pavement Solutions

We possess the experience and equipment along with a full range of innovative construction services to satisfy the needs of our customers. These methods often provide an improved pavement structure at significant savings.

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At Ruston Paving, we understand the importance of being aware of our impact on the environment as a paving company. When we leave a job site, our asphalt paving contractors make sure that it looks and performs better than it did when we arrived, while taking the same approach to the environment. The asphalt we lay every day is connecting students to schools, workers to their jobs, and families to their homes or the places they shop. We strive to make this world better by using sustainable materials and recycling practices in our asphalt paving services that reduce the need for new materials. Our paving company utilizes different processes during any asphalt pavement services to properly and effectively recycle materials and asphalt as much as possible.

Professional Asphalt Services: Design, Construction, & Repair

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Milling at Forest Office Park

Asphalt Milling Services

Asphalt milling is a core component of Ruston Paving’s asphalt recycling services, aimed at removing, recycling, and replacing the top layers of asphalt existing on your site. Our state-of-the-art company milling equipment efficiently removes deteriorated old asphalt layers with precision, allowing us to recycle it and incorporate it into the new pavement structure. By recycling the existing asphalt, we reduce the demand for virgin materials and minimize waste, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Ruston Paving’s asphalt milling services offer cost-effective solutions for pavement rehabilitation and maintenance projects, ensuring high-quality pavement services that meet or exceed paving company standards.

Ruston Paving crews stabilizing the subbase at Oakdale Mall

Soil Stabilization Services

Ruston Paving offers soil stabilization services to modify and improve the engineering properties of the existing soil on your site. Through soil stabilization, we enhance the load-bearing capacity, strength, and durability of the soil, providing a solid foundation for building structures or pavement services.

Our soil stabilization techniques involve the application of stabilizing agents such as lime or Portland cement to the soil, effectively binding and strengthening its particles. By stabilizing the soil in place, we minimize the need for costly excavation and replacement of unsuitable soils, reducing project timelines and expenses.

Whether for new construction or rehabilitation projects, Ruston Paving’s soil stabilization services ensure stable and sustainable foundations that support long-lasting building or pavement structures.

Full-Depth Reclamation Asphalt Services

Full-depth reclamation (FDR) is a comprehensive asphalt recycling solution offered by Ruston Paving. With FDR, we recycle, modify, and strengthen the base layer by blending both the asphalt pavement and underlying base materials existing on your site.

This asphalt service involves pulverizing the existing pavement along with a portion of the subbase and blending it with additives to create a new, stabilized asphalt base layer. By reusing the reclaimed asphalt paving materials, FDR reduces the need for virgin aggregates and asphalt binder, conserving resources and minimizing waste.

Additionally, our full-depth reclamation process improves the structural integrity and longevity of the pavement, resulting in a durable and sustainable surface that withstands heavy traffic and environmental stresses.

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How We Recycle Asphalt

Asphalt recycling offers versatile recycling services for repurposing various asphalt materials commonly found in pavement construction and rehabilitation projects.

The following asphalt materials can be recycled:

Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP)

Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement consists of aged asphalt pavement materials that have been removed from existing roadways or parking lots through techniques like asphalt milling or full-depth reclamation. RAP retains valuable asphalt binder and aggregates, making it an ideal candidate for recycling into new asphalt mixtures.

Asphalt Millings

Asphalt millings are the byproduct of asphalt milling operations, where the top layers of deteriorated pavement are removed to prepare the surface for resurfacing. Asphalt millings consist of pulverized reclaimed asphalt pavement.

Storm Water Management Services

Rain, snow, ice, freeze-thaw cycles can wreak havoc on your parking lot. These conditions can create potholes, water backups, collapsed catch basins, and damaged pavement, which can all be the result of water undermining your asphalt pavement. Managing water properly on your parking lot is the most important ingredient for preserving your lot.

Storm Water Drainage System

Installing a storm water drainage system prevents damage by efficiently channeling storm water from your pavement and property to the storm sewer system.

Catch Basin Repair

Catch basin repair prevents water from penetrating and weakening the pavement by avoiding water-saturated soils that can damage the structure.

Emergency Asphalt Breaks

Emergency Breaks can be a nightmare. We're available whenever you need us to handle them and get everything back to a clean, paved surface.

We Offer A Variety of Asphalt Pavement Services

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Paving at Alamance Community College in Graham, NC

Educational Institutions

Asphalt Paving Services on Our Blog

We share insight on our asphalt paving services and favorite projects on our blog.

Paving Huntington Metro Walking Trails in Alexandria VA

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Huntington Metro – Alexandria, VA

In the bustling vicinity of the Huntington Metro Station in Alexandria, Ruston Paving played a pivotal role in enhancing accessibility and convenience. Alongside WMATA's ambitious station redevelopment, a sleek residential high-rise emerged, signaling a vibrant transformation. The expertise of our Northern Virginia Division crews came into play as they seamlessly integrated parallel parking spaces, constructed a new […]
Finished picture of Lakeside Commons in Oswego, NY

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Lakeside Commons – Oswego, NY

Ruston Paving recently contributed to the completion of the Lakeside Commons Student Housing project, adjacent to SUNY Oswego, in collaboration with Purcell Construction. Tasked with installing both the asphalt binder and surface course, Ruston Paving's expertise ensured the creation of smooth and durable roadways that will accommodate the bustling student population. This successful endeavor not […]
Finished photo of Oswego Reformed Presbyterian Church

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Oswego Reformed Presbyterian Church – Oswego, NY

Ruston Paving recently wrapped up a transformative project in Oswego at the Oswego Reformed Presbyterian Church, working directly with the church to enhance its infrastructure. Tasked with proof rolling the existing stone base and installing new asphalt pavement, Ruston Paving's expertise ensured a smooth and durable surface that not only improves accessibility but also enhances […]
Suburban Taxi - Syracuse NY

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What is Asphalt Milling?

When it comes to creating smooth and durable road surfaces, parking lots, and driveways, asphalt is a top choice for its reliability and cost-effectiveness. But have you ever wondered how existing asphalt surfaces are rejuvenated and prepared for a fresh layer of asphalt? The answer lies in a crucial process known as asphalt milling. In […]
Ruston Paving crews stabilizing the subbase at Oakdale Mall

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Oakdale Commons – Johnson City, NY

Oakdale Commons is being completely re-vamped, and, because of this large undertaking, there was a need for more areas to park. This was not a simple task as there was a need to create a more stable subbase that crusher run would not be able to accomplish due to the areas soil content. Our team was […]
Finished Photo of Canal Plaza Apartments in Binghamton NY

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Canal Plaza Apartments – Binghamton, NY

Canal Plaza Apartments needed a parking lot after construction of the new complex. We fine graded the crushed stone already in place to create an optimal drainage system. After fine grading, we were able to pave the lot for the client with both drainage and maintenance in mind.
Paving at Verizon in Ithaca, NY

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Asphalt Repairs for Verizon – Ithaca, NY

Verizon has a facility in Ithaca where it also maintains a cellular communications tower. The asphalt pavement on the roadway, along with the parking lot, was potholed and rutted beyond repair. The best solution was to use our milling machine to remove all the deteriorated pavement. Our paving crews then installed two new layers of […]
Compacting asphalt pavement at Cargill Deicing Technology in Lansing, NY

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Cargill Deicing Technology – Lansing, NY

Cargill’s parking lot, salt pads, and roadways were cracked, rutted and raveling. After consulting with our project management team, we developed a plan to repair each section. Asphalt milling, full depth stone base repairs, and asphalt paving were all required. Our crews were able to rehabilitate the pavement areas to safely accommodate the facility’s heavy […]
Paving at Cortlandville Crossing in Cortland NY

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Cortlandville Crossing – Cortland, NY

Crews from our Syracuse Division completed a commendable asphalt milling and paving project at Cortlandville Crossing, a bustling shopping facility in Cortland. Serving multiple tenants, the expansive parking lot had experienced its fair share of wear and tear, making a standard mill and pave the perfect solution. This project was meticulously phased over several days, […]
Finished Photo of Grace Christian Fellowship Church in Cortland, NY

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Grace Christian Fellowship Church – Cortland, NY

Ruston Paving recently partnered with Grace Christian Fellowship Church in Cortland to undertake a transformative asphalt paving project. With a substantial and devoted membership, the church had long relied on a stone parking lot. Together with their dedicated support staff, Ruston Paving meticulously planned and executed the project, prioritizing the sequencing to maximize the impact. The result […]

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