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Asphalt Project Types

The Right Choice For Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Asphalt Projects.

Ruston Paving has over 80 years of experience in asphalt paving projects and provides exemplary personalized service. We are adept at safely phasing a project to ensure the desired traffic flow while maintaining building accessibility for the client’s employees and customers. Explore the different industries and projects we’ve completed through multiple states. Contact us today and let’s discuss an asphalt project you need completed.

Newly Paved Apartment Complex


At Ruston Paving, we understand that apartment complexes need to be both functional and attractive. That's why we focus on creating smooth, durable surfaces for parking lots, driveways, and walkways. We use efficient techniques, keeping your residents happy and safe with minimal disruption to their daily routines.

Freshly Paved Pickleball Courts

Athletic Surfaces

We build and restore athletic surfaces that take the game to the next level. Whether it's a pickleball court or a running track, we provide safe, durable surfaces that perform at it's peak every time. Our precise grading and paving techniques mean your surfaces will stand up to the test of time.

Newly Paved Bank


For banks, first impressions are crucial. Ruston Paving makes sure your parking areas are pristine and secure, with smooth, well-marked lots that look professional and last a long time. Using top-quality materials, we create surfaces that make your bank look as trustworthy and reliable as it is.

Newly Paved Business Park

Business Parks

Business parks see a lot of traffic, so they need tough, reliable pavement. Ruston Paving designs and builds asphalt solutions that can handle high volumes and heavy loads. Whether you need new installations or maintenance, we keep your business park looking and functioning at its best.

Newly Paved Church


Give your place of worship a safe and welcoming place to start the fellowship. At Ruston Paving, we provide comprehensive paving services to ensure your surfaces are smooth, visually appealing, and durable. Our work enhances accessibility and aesthetics, allowing the church to serve its members.

Newly Paved Bus Lot


Schools and universities require dependable, safe surfaces for parking lots, playgrounds, and athletic fields. Ruston Paving delivers top-quality paving solutions that stand up to heavy use. Our team works efficiently to minimize disruptions, ensuring your facilities are always ready for students and staff.

Newly Paved Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores

Grocery store parking lots see constant use and need to be durable and well-maintained. Ruston Paving makes sure these critical spaces are smooth and safe, providing a great experience for your customers. From installation to maintenance, we keep your parking areas in top shape.

Newly Paved Hotel


For hotels, the parking lot is often the first thing guests see. Ruston Paving provides premium asphalt services that enhance curb appeal and functionality. Our focus is on delivering smooth, attractive surfaces that welcome guests and handle frequent use with ease.

Newly Paved Industrial Facility


Industrial sites require strong, durable asphalt solutions. Ruston Paving specializes in constructing robust pavements that can handle heavy loads and constant wear. Using high-quality materials and advanced techniques, we ensure your surfaces are built to last.

Office Buildings

Your office building’s parking lot impacts client perceptions. Ruston Paving provides expert paving services to ensure your parking areas are smooth, attractive, and functional. From new installations to regular maintenance, we keep everything looking great.

Newly Paved Retail Plaza


Retail spaces need appealing, durable pavements to handle high traffic volumes. Ruston Paving’s specialized services ensure your parking lots and driveways are always in top condition, creating a pleasant shopping experience for your customers.

Newly Paved Subdivision Roads

Subdivision Roads

Subdivision roads need to be durable and long-lasting to ensure safe travel for residents. Ruston Paving brings our expertise in residential road construction and maintenance to create high-quality, resilient surfaces that enhance your community's appeal.

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We recycle existing components as much as possible to prevent the need for unecessary new materials.

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Our award-winning company has been recognized across the industry.


We have the equipment and the bandwidth to tackle any size project.

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Asphalt Repairs and Replacement

For those that need patchwork asphalt repairs and those that want to completely re-define their space, Ruston Paving has the equipment and experience to make it a worthwile investment into the organization. Don't let paved areas create a bad first impression.

Featured Restoration: University Tennis Courts

Some of Our Recent Work

Finished picture of Lakeside Commons in Oswego, NY

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Lakeside Commons – Oswego, NY

Ruston Paving recently contributed to the completion of the Lakeside Commons Student Housing project, adjacent to SUNY Oswego, in collaboration with Purcell Construction. Tasked with installing both the asphalt binder and surface course, Ruston Paving's expertise ensured the creation of smooth and durable roadways that will accommodate the bustling student population. This successful endeavor not […]
Grading at Hybla Elementary in Alexandria, VA

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Hybla Valley School – Alexandria, VA

We recently concluded a transformative paving project at Hybla Valley Elementary School, demonstrating our expertise in educational infrastructure. In collaboration with the Fairfax County Public Schools, this multi-phase renovation encompassed the construction of a temporary sidewalk and the reconstruction of the main parking lot. Through soil stabilization, stone base installation and asphalt paving, our crews were able […]
Paving Huntington Metro Walking Trails in Alexandria VA

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Huntington Metro – Alexandria, VA

In the bustling vicinity of the Huntington Metro Station in Alexandria, Ruston Paving played a pivotal role in enhancing accessibility and convenience. Alongside WMATA's ambitious station redevelopment, a sleek residential high-rise emerged, signaling a vibrant transformation. The expertise of our Northern Virginia Division crews came into play as they seamlessly integrated parallel parking spaces, constructed a new […]
Installing stone base at Lindsay VW in Manassas, VA

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Lindsay Volkswagen – Manassas, VA

The Lindsay Automotive Group once again called on our Northern Virginia Division to complete another milestone project, this time at their new Volvo dealership. With a track record of excellence, Ruston Paving has previously partnered with Lindsay on various ventures, including the adjacent Lindsay Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership. For this project, we were entrusted with the […]
Grading Stone at Micron in Manassas

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Micron Team Member Center – Manassas, VA

Ruston Paving recently completed an exciting construction project at Micron's brand-new location in Manassas. Tasked with installing the crucial stone base and asphalt for the new Team Member Center, crews from our Northern Virginia Division collaborated closely with the project's general contractor, Whiting-Turner. The expert teamwork allowed for meticulous phasing that ensured smooth access and […]
Finished photo of Oswego Reformed Presbyterian Church

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Oswego Reformed Presbyterian Church – Oswego, NY

Ruston Paving recently wrapped up a transformative project in Oswego at the Oswego Reformed Presbyterian Church, working directly with the church to enhance its infrastructure. Tasked with proof rolling the existing stone base and installing new asphalt pavement, Ruston Paving's expertise ensured a smooth and durable surface that not only improves accessibility but also enhances […]
Ruston Paving crews stabilizing the subbase at Oakdale Mall

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Oakdale Commons – Johnson City, NY

Oakdale Commons is being completely re-vamped, and, because of this large undertaking, there was a need for more areas to park. This was not a simple task as there was a need to create a more stable subbase that crusher run would not be able to accomplish due to the areas soil content. Our team was […]
Finished Photo of Canal Plaza Apartments in Binghamton NY

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Canal Plaza Apartments – Binghamton, NY

Canal Plaza Apartments needed a parking lot after construction of the new complex. We fine graded the crushed stone already in place to create an optimal drainage system. After fine grading, we were able to pave the lot for the client with both drainage and maintenance in mind.
Paving at Verizon in Ithaca, NY

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Asphalt Repairs for Verizon – Ithaca, NY

Verizon has a facility in Ithaca where it also maintains a cellular communications tower. The asphalt pavement on the roadway, along with the parking lot, was potholed and rutted beyond repair. The best solution was to use our milling machine to remove all the deteriorated pavement. Our paving crews then installed two new layers of […]
Compacting asphalt pavement at Cargill Deicing Technology in Lansing, NY

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Cargill Deicing Technology – Lansing, NY

Cargill’s parking lot, salt pads, and roadways were cracked, rutted and raveling. After consulting with our project management team, we developed a plan to repair each section. Asphalt milling, full depth stone base repairs, and asphalt paving were all required. Our crews were able to rehabilitate the pavement areas to safely accommodate the facility’s heavy […]
Paving at Cortlandville Crossing in Cortland NY

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Cortlandville Crossing – Cortland, NY

Crews from our Syracuse Division completed a commendable asphalt milling and paving project at Cortlandville Crossing, a bustling shopping facility in Cortland. Serving multiple tenants, the expansive parking lot had experienced its fair share of wear and tear, making a standard mill and pave the perfect solution. This project was meticulously phased over several days, […]
Finished Photo of Grace Christian Fellowship Church in Cortland, NY

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Grace Christian Fellowship Church – Cortland, NY

Ruston Paving recently partnered with Grace Christian Fellowship Church in Cortland to undertake a transformative asphalt paving project. With a substantial and devoted membership, the church had long relied on a stone parking lot. Together with their dedicated support staff, Ruston Paving meticulously planned and executed the project, prioritizing the sequencing to maximize the impact. The result […]
Driveway of Ryder Truck Rental Marcy NY

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Ryder Truck Rentals – Marcy, NY

Faced with the need to enhance their semi-truck fleet’s parking area, Ryder turned to us for a comprehensive solution. These improvements included fine grading and paving the lot. The results have proven nothing short of remarkable. This improvement not only cut down on pavement maintenance costs but also cut down on the wear and tear […]

Learn More About Soil Stabilization

Ruston Paving offers soil stabilization services to modify and improve the engineering properties of the existing soil on your site. Through soil stabilization, we enhance the load-bearing capacity, strength, and durability of the soil, providing a solid foundation for building structures or pavement services.

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