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About the Northern Virginia Division Serving Fairfax

Just across the Potomac River from DC, the Fairfax area offers an enticing mix of big-city amenities, small-town charm and picture-perfect natural surroundings. Projects such as those in the Reston Row District in Reston and the Highland District in Tysons exemplify our experience of working in the area.

The Northern Virginia Division was founded to provide asphalt paving services to the densely populated regions of Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and the adjacent Maryland area. This Ruston Paving division’s reach extends down the I-95 corridor to Fredericksburg as well as west and south into the rural communities of Front Royal and Culpepper. Thriving on tourism and the abundance of government agencies, this region has been resilient to the consequences of economic downturns.

Recent Projects in Fairfax and the Surrounding Areas

Asphalt Paving in the Mosaic District

Fairfax, VA

This project entailed crews from our Northern VA Division to mill out deteriorated asphalt and install new asphalt pavement at the popular Mosaic District, just outside our nation's capital. Due to the areas that required reconstruction, the job was completed in three phases so as to minimize the impact to area businesses and their customers while ensuring everyone's safety.

Paving in Northern VA at the Mosaic District in Fairfax, VA

James Madison High School Track

Fairfax, VA

A testament to our commitment to educational institutions, we partnered with Fairfax County Public Schools to deliver a brand-new running track that seamlessly adhered to high school regulations. After the demolition of the existing track, the existing subbase was soil cemented. We then utilized laser automation to install a new asphalt surface.

Paving James Madison High School Track in Fairfax VA

Paving the New Site for Brown's Mazda

Fairfax, VA

Safford Brown's car dealership opened a new building, and we were contracted to install the stone and asphalt for their new parking lots and roadways. One unique challenge arose from the need to coordinate tying into and working alongside of a new section of roadway that was yet to be installed so careful consideration and planning was required.

Paving at Browns Mazda in Fairfax, VA
Map of Ruston Paving's in Northern VA division's market area

Asphalt Paving Services for the Fairfax Area

Asphalt Pavement Repair and New Construction

For over 80 years, Ruston Paving has been providing excellent service to our customers. We specialize in both new asphalt pavement construction and asphalt pavement repairs for commercial and industrial projects.

Parking Lots, Roadways and Subdivisions

Asphalt pavement is mostly found on parking lots and roadways. Most of our work involves the construction and repair of these more common asphalt surfaces.

Catch Basin and Storm Drainage Repair, Pothole Repair and Crack Filling

Minor repairs can extend the life of your asphalt pavement. Simple repairs to storm drainage and surface failures can prolong the life of the pavement.

Asphalt Milling and Asphalt Resurfacing & Overlays

Neglected asphalt pavement will require more extensive repairs. This may require the complete removal of the asphalt pavement or a simple resurfacing or overlay of the existing pavement.

Soil Stabilization and Full Depth Reclamation

A detailed site inspection will evaluate the strength of the subgrade for the new asphalt surface. It may be necessary to enhance the underlying materials providing a strengthened foundation to support the new pavement.

Excavation, Grading, Storm Drainage and Stone Base

When a new pavement section is required, we provide a turnkey solution that includes the excavation, grading and installation of the stone base prior to capping it off with a new asphalt pavement surface.

Tennis Courts, Pickleball Courts, Running Tracks, and Walking Trails

Although asphalt is mostly found in parking lots and roadways, we specialize in the repair and construction of less common athletic and recreational surfaces. Examples of these are walking trails, running tracks, tennis courts and pickleball courts.