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Brown’s Mazda – Fairfax, VA

In the heart of Fairfax, VA, Brown's Mazda car dealership is embarking on a dynamic journey of transformation. As part of a phased renovation and a broader area redevelopment, the dealership is poised to unveil a brand-new building. In this exciting endeavor, Ruston Paving emerged as a key player, executing a project that involved precision and innovation.

Tasked with a pivotal role, we were entrusted with installing both stone and asphalt for the dealership's new parking lots and roadways. The scope of the project was substantial, as it not only aligned with the dealership's vision but also integrated seamlessly into the overall redevelopment of the area. One unique challenge arose from the need to coordinate with a new section of roadway that was yet to be installed.

Careful consideration and meticulous planning became the cornerstone of our approach. This aspect was crucial to ensure that the newly paved areas harmonized flawlessly with the upcoming road segment. The project's success hinged on the ability to merge the new with the existing, guaranteeing a smooth transition for both drivers and pedestrians.

The partnership between Ruston Paving and Brown's Mazda exemplifies the power of collaboration and expertise. As the dealership's grand transformation unfolds, our assistance in providing accessible and aesthetically pleasing parking lots and roadways stands as a testament to Ruston Paving's dedication to precision and innovation in the realm of construction and paving.

Paving at Browns Mazda in Fairfax, VA
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