Hobart and William Smith Colleges Tennis Courts

Location: Geneva, New York
Client: Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Ruston Paving was under contract to reconstruct 8 tennis courts at Hobart & William Smith Colleges.  While in the excavation process, unsuitable soils were encountered that totaled over 25% of the area to be reconstructed.  After undercutting the area an extra 12" in depth to find sound soils on which to build, unsuitable soils still existed that left 6” – 12” ruts after the area was proof rolled.  Not only were the soils unsuitable, the amount of rain the area received during the project was unprecedented. With no optimum drying days in the forecast and in hopes of meeting the project's schedule, Ruston Paving elected to introduce the soil stabilization with Portland Cement process. Equipment was pulled from our North Carolina divisions and the process was completed in one day.  Positive results were immediately visible, and the area began to dry and solidify.  One day after the soil stabilization process was complete, Ruston Paving was able to build off of the stabilized layer and install the stone base.  This process was able to help us right the ship and halt further delays on the project.

Check out this video of the project: