Forest Office Park (hero photo)

Forest Office Park

Location: Richmond, Virginia
Client: Equitable Real Estate Partners
Forest Office Park is a 19-building commercial complex located in the northwest quadrant of Richmond, Virginia. The multiple parking lots that house roughly 200 tenants were patched over the years, but the constant traffic caused too much damage and a long-term solution was required. Our project management team worked with the owners to develop a plan to mill off the cracked and deteriorated asphalt layers and repave the lots. During the reconstruction process, we encountered a couple issues with the poor underlying subbase that we worked through with them, and in turn, earned a long-time customer. Our crews hit every deadline and were able to phase the projects to accommodate tenant parking. Because Ruston Paving was able to self-perform the various scopes of work on the project, it allowed for a smooth transition between the milling and paving portions of the scope of work, as well as keep adequate parking areas and pedestrian foot traffic open safely. Our commitment to safety and quality was noticed by the owner’s representative throughout each phase, and we were asked to come back the following year to complete two additional parking lots.