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YRC Freight – Richmond, Virginia

YRC (milling)YRC (paving) The project recently completed by Ruston Paving for YRC Freight is a prime example of the teamwork and coordinated effort that makes Ruston Paving the premier paving company in the country! YRC contacted us about the deteriorated pavement at their Richmond terminal. It was determined that milling off the existing asphalt and installing a new surface course was required. As the job was being fit into our production schedule, we were informed that, due to some timing constraints, YRC needed the project completed sooner rather than later.  This was when the synergy of Ruston Paving was brought to light. After some extensive coordination with our other divisions, we were able to bring down a paving crew from New York and muster some equipment from North Carolina and northern Virginia to complete the project ahead of schedule. YRC was extremely impressed with the quality of our work and the timeliness with which it was completed! While we operate a local office in all of our markets, Ruston Paving's strength lies in the sum of all our offices that can rally together to satisfy our customers. Thanks to everyone for their help & great effort by the Blue team!
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