3D Man with megaphone spreading Ruston Paving news

The Peggs Company – Ashland, Virginia

The Peggs CoRuston Paving was contacted by The Peggs Company to come up with a way to pave their old, pothole-ravaged, stone yard.  The Pegg's Company warehouse assembles mass quantities of new shopping carts along with reconditioning older carts.  This yard is used for staging supplies and shipping/receiving 18-wheeler deliveries.  After regrading the site to achieve positive drainage, the crews seen here are stabilizing the yard and prepping the site for paving, which is set to take place after the holiday weekend.  The manager and employees have all stopped out to see the work and have been impressed with the crews, the fleet of Ruston Blue equipment, and stabilization process as a whole.  Great work all the way around!
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