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Manheim Auto Auction – Fredricksburg, Virginia

Manheim Auto AuctionThe Manheim Auto Auction had a 10,000 square yard auction area that required some pavement upgrades.  As improvements to the entrances began, construction traffic brought to light some significant structural deficiencies.  Manheim was looking for a contractor to handle all phases of the project, ensuring it was a turnkey operation.  Enter Ruston Paving... One reconstruction option that was being considered was to remove the top two feet of unsuitable material and replace it with stone from a nearby quarry. This method would be costly, time consuming and wouldn't be a good use of the on-site resources.  Ruston Paving proposed the full depth reclamation (FDR) process whereby we would pulverize the existing paved parking area to a depth of 14" and mix in a predetermined amount of Portland cement to establish a sound subbase on which to pave.  The entire FDR process took four to five days and the results were fantastic. Our crews are scheduled to pave the lot during the first week of August. Manheim is the world's largest provider of vehicle remarketing services, operating over 122 locations worldwide. In 2010, Manheim handled nearly 10 million used vehicles, facilitating transactions representing more than $50 billion in value.  
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