Jasper Engines (finished)

Jasper Engines – Greensboro, NC

Recycling at Jasper EnginesIn preparation for new tenants, Ruston Paving was hired by Lannh, LLC to mill the deteriorated asphalt surface and pave the parking lot at the old location of Jasper Engines. The pavement was in need of repair due to the heavy traffic and weight of the trucks bringing the engines and transmissions into the facility. After milling out the existing asphalt, the base was discovered to be soft throughout the majority of the customer parking lot. Due to the amount of unsuitable material, it was determined that the full depth reclamation process would be a necessary fix for the project. After the stabilized base had cured and hardened, hot mix asphalt was applied providing a smooth surface for the parking lot and loading bay that will last for years to come.
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