Grading at Ellis MHP

Ellis Mobile Home Park – Statesville, NC

Thanks to Stackhouse Properties for having us at Ellis Mobile Home Park to help revitalize the roads. It could not have been done without teamwork from our crew, the property management team, and the residents. Constant communication from all parties helped ensure the roads were paved to perfection, the residents had access to their homes,...

Happy Holidays from Ruston Paving!

One of the joys of this time of year is the opportunity to say thank you. We are looking back with appreciation to our employees, business partners and clients. We wish you all a safe and prosperous 2021.

Millstone Medical Center – Geneseo, NY

One of our Western NY superstar grading crews have been hard at work preparing the new Millstone Medical Center for paving. Shawn is on the dozer rough grading the new access road while Steve finishes fine grading the parking lot and Wyatt makes sure all the curb edge is properly compacted. We’re proud to be...

Episcopal High School Track – Alexandria, VA

Crews from our Northern Virginia Division have been hitting their stride as they work to complete the new track for Episcopal High School. Attention to detail is required and luckily that’s our strong suit!

Equipment at Kaeser Compressor

Kaeser Compressor – Spotsylvania, VA

Ruston Paving was contracted by Kaeser Compressor to expand their parking lots in two locations as well as perform Full Depth Reclamation (FDR)) on all of their existing lots. Pictured here is our FDR crew working right behind our milling crew on the final phase. This project was expedited to meet their deadline for their...

Motor Grader Training 101

Ruston Paving Imparts Info & Iron

So glad to have shared some knowledge and equipment with Extreme Sandbox so they could put this video together: How To Operate A Motor Grader. Thanks to Randy for giving us a shout out and to his whole team for facilitating our team building experience in The Sandbox!

Grading at Honda Power Equipment

Honda Power Equipment – Swepsonville, NC

Our Triad Region of NC Division has been contracted by Shelco LLC to install the curb & gutter, stone base and asphalt pavement on an expansion at Honda Power Equipment. Due to the extensive rainfall the area received, and with an expectation for more throughout the upcoming winter, Shelco asked for recommendations to better prepare...

Grading at Tri Center

Research Tri Center South – Durham, NC

Crews from our Triangle Region NC Division have been busy milling out the deteriorated pavement and installing a new asphalt surface course in the parking areas at Research Tri Center. This project marks another job Ruston Paving has completed for Foundry Commercial, the property’s management company. We are thrilled to have Foundry as a repeat...

Brookgreen Drive (grading)

Brookgreen Drive – Cary, NC

Ruston Paving’s Triangle Region NC Division’s crews were called into action to repair a sink hole on Brookgreen Drive that tried to swallow a Town of Cary dump truck. The culprit turned out to be a water main break. After the pipes were fixed, our crews compacted, graded and paved the road. Crisis averted thanks...

Durham City Lot (grading)

City of Durham Parking Lots – Durham, NC

Ruston Paving’s Durham office was awarded the contract after a public bid to pave two parking lots within the city limits. Lot 20, located on the boundary of the city’s City Center and American Tobacco District, was the second of the two lots we completed. While the project involved new landscaping, fencing, and replacing curb,...