Grading at Honda Power Equipment

Honda Power Equipment – Swepsonville, NC

Grading at Honda Power EquipmentOur Triad Region of NC Division has been contracted by Shelco LLC to install the curb & gutter, stone base and asphalt pavement on an expansion at Honda Power Equipment. Due to the extensive rainfall the area received, and with an expectation for more throughout the upcoming winter, Shelco asked for recommendations to better prepare the subgrade for use throughout the winter construction months so that they wouldn’t be fighting with constant muddy site issues. Our recommendation was to stabilize the subgrade with Portland cement and then place a few inches of stone base for a running surface until the site was ready for the full stone and pavement section to be installed. In this picture, our crew is grading the subgrade after the cement has been blended. Less than 24 hours before this picture was taken, the site was covered in 2-3” of slick and slimy mud and would have been unworkable for many days, if not weeks, with successive snow and rain storms in the forecast. However, we were able to move in during a 1 week period, between a 3” rain storm and 12” snow fall, to perform the stabilization, compaction, grading and 3” stone base placement to get them dried out and prepared for the winter ahead. This is the second expansion project we have worked on for Shelco at this facility and third time working there overall - having completed the stone and asphalt placement for the previous expansion in 2016 and a large parking lot resurfacing directly for Honda earlier this year.
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