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Heroes Working Among Us

Heroes Among UsWhile working at the Chesleigh Subdivision project in Wake Forest, North Carolina, two of our employees helped save another man's life. A landscaping company was working near our crews and Mike Myers, our paving foreman on the job, noticed one of the landscapers experiencing a seizure due to heat stroke.  Mike, along with Ronnie Street, one of our truck drivers, quickly began administering first aid to the man when Mike realized the man's heart stopped beating.  Mike immediately started CPR while Ronnie called 911.  After a couple minutes, the man's heart started beating again!  Our guys continued to tend to the man, who eventually regained consciousness, until the paramedics arrived on the scene and took over the situation. Due to their quick action and composure under extreme duress, both Mike and Ronnie literally brought a man back from his imminent demise.  Words cannot express how proud we are to have these heroes on our Ruston Paving team.  When asked about the ordeal, Mike humbly said, "I was in the right place at the right time and used the training I'd been given."
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