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Chapel Hill Country Club Featured on YouTube

Our latest YouTube video features Ruston Paving performing the full depth reclamation (FDR) process from start to finish. Chapel Hill Country Club located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina reconnected with Ruston Paving for another project after working closely with us during the reconstruction of their parking areas two years ago. A bank of 4 tennis courts were in such disrepair that the club feared that they would need to completely excavate and rebuild them starting from scratch. Mark Rogers, our North Carolina Division Manager, quickly identified FDR with portland cement as an obvious solution to minimize cost and reduce damage to adjacent grounds. Utilizing FDR with portland cement, we were able to reclaim and recycle the existing surface and base material (that had already been purchased years ago) and stabilize it with portland cement.  This limited the amount of new imported construction material and the amount of exported waste materials. More can be learned about the FDR process here.

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