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Whitesboro Central Schools – Whitesboro, NY

Paving the Stadium parking lot at Whitesboro Central Schools in Whitesboro, NY

Celebrating a triumphant collaboration, Ruston Paving takes pride in the successful paving of Whitesboro Central School District's stadium parking lot. Following an open call for bids, we emerged as the chosen partner for the ambitious parking lot reconstruction project.

The challenge? A tight timeframe limited to the summer months of July and August, when school was out of session. Undeterred by weather obstacles, our dedicated team powered through, ensuring the project's timely completion. As a result of the unwavering commitment of our crews, the freshly paved parking lot welcomed students and spectators just in time for the exhilarating fall high school football season. This achievement not only underscores Ruston Paving's expertise but also exemplifies the impact of efficient teamwork in bringing community projects to fruition.

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