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The Advantages of Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) with Portland Cement Stabilization for Commercial Parking Lots


Commercial parking lots serve as vital access points for businesses, accommodating the steady flow of vehicles they require. Upgrading and maintaining these lots is essential, and Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) with Portland Cement Stabilization emerges as a transformative technique in this domain. In this article, we will delve into the benefits of FDR with Portland Cement Stabilization for commercial parking lots, focusing on its capacity to bolster foundations, generate savings, and promote environmental responsibility.

1. Enhancing the Foundation: A Sturdier Base

At the heart of FDR with Portland Cement Stabilization's appeal for commercial parking lots is its ability to strengthen the subbase, forming a more robust foundation for the pavement. Traditional parking lot construction often necessitates removing existing asphalt and starting  from new. In contrast, FDR with Portland Cement Stabilization recycles the existing asphalt and base materials on-site, incorporating them into the new pavement layer with the addition of Portland cement. This process notably fortifies the subbase, resulting in a parking lot that can endure heavy traffic loads and various weather conditions.

The reinforced subbase and prolonged pavement lifespan reduce the need for frequent repairs and maintenance, translating into substantial long-term savings for property owners.

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2. Economical Efficiency: Minimizing Material Transport

Conventional parking lot construction typically involves transporting offsite materials from external sources to the construction site, incurring substantial fuel consumption and transportation costs. FDR with Portland Cement Stabilization reduces the requirement for material transport by using the existing on-site materials. This not only reduces fuel consumption but also significantly lowers transportation expenses and damage to surrounding roads and infrastructure.  This ultimately translates to substantial cost savings for businesses.

Moreover, the diminished material transportation aligns with sustainability goals and exemplifies a mindful approach to resource utilization.

3. Sustainability Focus: Repurposing for Environmental Gains

In an era that prizes sustainability, FDR with Portland Cement Stabilization for commercial parking lots stands as an eco-conscious construction approach. By repurposing existing asphalt and base materials in place, this technique diminishes the need for new resources. Consequently, it contributes to decreased energy consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions associated with the acquisition, production, and transportation of new materials.

The reclamation process also curbs waste by repurposing materials that would otherwise contribute to landfills. This commitment to sustainability not only benefits the environment but also bolsters the image of those property owners and businesses committed to environmentally responsible practices.

4. Minimal Disruptions and Downtime

Operational continuity is paramount for commercial business properties, and operational parking lots play a pivotal role. The construction or rehabilitation of these paved surfaces can disrupt daily operations, potentially causing financial setbacks. FDR with Portland Cement Stabilization offers a distinct advantage by streamlining the construction process and minimizing disruptions.

By repurposing existing materials and integrating them into the new pavement layer, FDR with Portland Cement Stabilization reduces the need for extensive excavation and material removal. This expedited process enables businesses to promptly resume their operations, minimizing inconvenience for both patrons and staff.


Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) with Portland Cement Stabilization emerges as a prudent choice for commercial parking lots, offering an array of benefits, from subbase reinforcement to cost savings, sustainability, and reduced construction disruptions. As businesses increasingly prioritize efficiency and environmentally responsible practices, FDR with Portland Cement Stabilization showcases its potential as an innovative solution that not only enhances the functionality and longevity of commercial parking lots but also aligns with the principles of sustainable and responsible business practices. To learn more visit our Recycling Page or visit the Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association (ARRA) website.

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