Cary NC

Asphalt Paving Contractor Serving Cary NC

About the Raleigh/Durham Division serving Cary and the Triangle Region of North Carolina

Cary is a thriving community in the heart of the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. Renowned for it's parks, greenways, arts and sights to see, it is an area that our Raleigh/Durham Division has completed a tremendous number of projects over the years.

Located in the Triangle Region of North Carolina, Ruston Paving’s Raleigh/Durham Division was the first expansion for the company outside of New York State. The Triangle is formed by three cities: Raleigh (the state capital), Durham and Chapel Hill. It was during the high tech and ‘dot com’ economic boom of the 1990’s that Ruston Paving took on the challenge of expanding to the south. The Raleigh/Durham Division quickly became a market leader by holding true to the core values that the company was founded on in the early 1940’s. From this location, Ruston Paving now brings asphalt paving services into Fayetteville and other outlying areas surrounding the Triangle.

Recent Projects in Cary and the Surrounding Areas

Taylor Family YMCA

Cary, NC

The Taylor Family YMCA decided to revamp its outdoor spaces for enhanced safety and aesthetic appeal. What's truly impressive is that we were able to break down the project into stages. The YMCA management showcased their dedication to maintaining a seamless experience for their members. The newly paved pathways and upgraded parking areas now not only provide a safer environment but also stand as a testament to the YMCA's unwavering commitment to its community's well-being.

Rolling new asphalt at YMCA in Cary

Harrison Pointe

Cary, NC

Our crews once again demonstrated their expertise with the successful completion of the multi-phase asphalt milling and paving project at Harrison Pointe. Focused on enhancing both vehicular and pedestrian experiences, this undertaking in front of the Harris Teeter Grocery Store showcased our commitment to safety and efficiency. Our attention to traffic control ensured a seamless flow of vehicles while prioritizing the well-being of pedestrians, ultimately leaving a lasting impression on the local community.

Milling at Harrison Pointe - Cary, NC

Macedonia UMC

Cary, NC

Ruston Paving recently wrapped up a commendable parking lot reconstruction project in collaboration with the Macedonia United Methodist Church. With a direct partnership with the Church, we executed the task with precision and dedication. The project involved the removal of existing pavement, strategic addition of subbase stone for improved drainage, and a flawless re-paving job, resulting in a transformed and functional parking space for the congregation.

Rolling at Macedonia United Methodist Church in Cary, NC
Map of Ruston Paving's Raleigh-Durham NC division's market area

Asphalt Paving Services for the Cary Area

Asphalt Pavement Repair and New Construction

For over 80 years, Ruston Paving has been providing excellent service to our customers. We specialize in both new asphalt pavement construction and asphalt pavement repairs for commercial and industrial projects.

Parking Lots, Roadways and Subdivisions

Asphalt pavement is mostly found on parking lots and roadways. Most of our work involves the construction and repair of these more common asphalt surfaces.

Catch Basin and Storm Drainage Repair, Pothole Repair and Crack Filling

Minor repairs can extend the life of your asphalt pavement. Simple repairs to storm drainage and surface failures can prolong the life of the pavement.

Asphalt Milling and Asphalt Resurfacing & Overlays

Neglected asphalt pavement will require more extensive repairs. This may require the complete removal of the asphalt pavement or a simple resurfacing or overlay of the existing pavement.

Soil Stabilization and Full Depth Reclamation

A detailed site inspection will evaluate the strength of the subgrade for the new asphalt surface. It may be necessary to enhance the underlying materials providing a strengthened foundation to support the new pavement.

Excavation, Grading, Storm Drainage and Stone Base

When a new pavement section is required, we provide a turnkey solution that includes the excavation, grading and installation of the stone base prior to capping it off with a new asphalt pavement surface.

Tennis Courts, Pickleball Courts, Running Tracks, and Walking Trails

Although asphalt is mostly found in parking lots and roadways, we specialize in the repair and construction of less common athletic and recreational surfaces. Examples of these are walking trails, running tracks, tennis courts and pickleball courts.