3D Man with megaphone spreading Ruston Paving news

Lockheed Martin – Manassas, Virginia

Lockheed Martin (overlay)Ruston Paving was contracted by Lockheed Martin to attend to one of the larger parking lots at its Manassas location. The work involved two areas of pavement.  A section of older parking lot yet to be completed requires Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) with Portland cement stabilization.  This process will restore and greatly improve the performance of the pavement section while adding many years to its service life.  Shown in the photo is a more recently constructed section where we provided an asphalt leveling course prior to an overlay. Everyone involved has been impressed with our crews, the performance of work, and dedication to quality. We have received numerous compliments on the new parking lot from both facility managers and office employees. Stay tuned as we intend to provide before, during, and after pictures of the FDR in the second phase.
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